Floor Cleaner Disaccustoming

Disaccustoming cleanser with lemongrass and lemon scent


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The Disaccustoming Dog’s Health floor cleaner is the 1st detergent that eliminates bad smells while dissuading your dog from going to the toilet where it shouldn’t.

Based on natural essences of lemongrass and lemon, it does not bother the dog.

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Dog’s Health Disaccustoming floor cleaner for dogs is a product for the sanitization of environments that dissuades your 4-legged friend from making needs again where he shouldn’t. Perfect for the interior spaces of the house.

Unaccustom the dog to do his excrement where he shouldn’t.
Sanitizes and cleans surfaces, neutralizing bad odors. 
Does not bother the dog thanks to the formulation based on natural essences.

Suitable for all types of floors, pleasantly scented with lemongrass, fir and lemon.


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COMPOSITIONWater, Emulsifying surfactant, Non ionic surfactant, Lemongrass scent, Fir scent, Lemon scent, Green tea essence, Isopropyl alcohol, Propanediol ether, Aloe vera, Citric acid.
PACKAGINGBottle of 500 ml.
APPLICATIONS, USE AND DOSESThe product being a concentrated scrubber must be dosed according to the type and intensity of the dirt. In the presence of dirt and particularly annoying odors emitted by the animal, it is recommended to use the product in a maximum concentration of 15%. For daily cleaning, it is recommended to dilute the product by 5 -10%.

Recommendations for use

Dog’s Health Disaccustoming Floor Cleaner for dogs is a concentrated liquid with a sanitizing action characterized by a mixture of essential oils that act as deterrent perfumers with a disaccustoming action, preventing the dog from returning to toilet on the surfaces where the product is applied.

The Floor Cleaner Disaccustoming has a component of neutralization of unpleasant odors from animals, which eliminates the effect, releasing natural citrus essences. These essences have the effect of dissuading animals from carrying out their own needs on the interested party.

The natural components do not bother the dog, therefore it can be used in the presence of puppies, elderly or pregnant dogs without any contraindications.


Yes, the floor cleaner is suitable for all types of flooring. The advice is to use it according to the precise dosages that we indicate on the label and in the “Dosage” section of the F.A.Q. (this same section).

Water, emulsifying surfactant, non-ionic surfactant, citronella scent, fir scent, lemon scent, green tea essence, isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl glycol, aloe vera, citric acid.

The package is 500 ml.

The product is in a concentrated formulation and should be dosed according to the intensity of the dirt. In daily use we recommend diluting it in water with a concentration between 5% and 10%. In case of more dirt (and if the dog continues to go to the same area) we recommend a concentration of 15%.

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