Spray Disaccustoming

With natural essences of lemon and lemongrass


/ (500 ml)

Dog’s Health Disaccustoming Spray for Dogs is indicated to dissuade your dog from going to the toilet where it shouldn’t. It cleanses and sanitizes, plus it prevents the dog from repeating the gesture.

Suitable at home, on furniture, sofas and delicate surfaces or on the terrace and outdoors. Natural plant extracts dissuade the dog without bothering him.

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Dog’s Health Spray Disaccustoming is an effective anti-accustoming detergent for dogs that get dirty at home or in places where they don’t have to. The mixture of perfuming essences acts by sanitizing the part where it is sprayed and neutralizes the odor left by the animal’s excrement. It does not contain parabens.


The spray prevents the dog from returning to excrement in the spaces where it is applied, eliminates bad smells and releases a pleasant scent of lemongrass and lemon.

  • For those who have a dog that dirties where it shouldn’t.
  • For those who want to educate their dog.
  • Does not stain surfaces.
  • It does not bother the dog, but it dissuades him.
  • Especially useful with puppies.


WEIGHT0.6 kg
COMPOSITIONWater, Emulsifying surfactant <5%, Non ionic surfactant <5%, Fir scent, Lemon scent, Lemongrass scent.
PACKAGINGBottle of 500 ml.
APPLICATIONS, USE AND DOSESClean the affected area with a 10% diluted product solution. Then spray the pure product on the same part and leave to act. Suitable for hard surfaces, plastic, laminates, rubber, floors and ceramics. For other surfaces check compatibility on a hidden part. Spray the product to avoid stains.

Recommendations for use

The natural plant components contained in the Disaccustoming Spray make it an effective product but at the same time not annoying for the dog who, returning to the place, will be dissuaded from repeating the excrement at that point without feeling fear or feel threatened. It can be used to support a correct education of the puppy or adult dog not to go to the house.

It is suitable for almost all surfaces, read the instructions for use carefully.


Yes, the Spray Disaccustoming is suitable for all dog breeds.

Inci of the product: emulsifying surfactant water, non-ionic surfactant, lemongrass scent, fir scent, lemon scent.

It is recommended to use the disaccustoming spray every time your dog goes to the toilet where it shouldn’t.

The package is 500 ml.

Spray a quantity of Disaccustoming Spray of 10 ml.

Yes. At Dog’s Health we are one of the few companies in the pet sector that guarantees its products. If you are not satisfied with the product you will have the right to a refund within 14 days of purchase

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